Sunbeams - 18 months to 3 years old

We understand that choosing the right setting for your precious little one is an extremely important decision. From the first time you visit we will work with you to ensure that you and your toddler are comfortable in our surroundings and you are given the information you need to make informed decision. We want you to feel proud of your childcare choice.

Our toddler room has been purposefully designed to provide a warm, homely, happy, and stimulating environment. Children in this room love to explore a wide variety of open-ended resources that stimulate their imagination and problem-solving abilities. The space is carefully thought out so children can freely investigate their space and activities. Sensory activities are really popular, whether it is painting on a large scale or making their lemon scented playdough together …. the toddlers are innately curious about the environment and people around them and the team are passionate about providing them with the exciting and inquisitive learning experiences.

They are rapidly developing their social skills at this age, and our toddler experts are on hand to act as play partners to help foster positive relationships between the children. The team work closely with the children to help them broaden their vocabulary and developing communication skills through lots of singing, funny rhymes, and stories. Some children start potty training at this age and the team are on hand to offer advice to parents as and when that time arrives.

Most children will usually still have a sleep after lunch, when we ensure the room is softly lit and gentle music played to aid restful sleep and a much-needed recharging of batteries!!